Allowing knowledge to mushroom

I watched Tim Berners-Lee’s TED talk today, in which he calls for “Raw Data Now”. He also appeals for those data to be connected. That pretty much sums up the mission of the Concept Web Alliance, in my view. Connecting data. And not just data with data, actually, but also data with documents, data with people, people with documents, et cetera. We can treat documents, data, people, just about anything, as concepts, and then describe their connections in the form of triples. Creating a multi-dimensional web of knowledge. Or perhaps – since the picture we have of a web is often just two-dimensional – a ‘mycelium’ of knowledge (I’m taking some liberties here with Tim’s roots and flowers analogy).

The WWW works because in any web page we can embed links to any other web page, creating triples such as > links to >

The Concept Web will work when we will have a widely adhered-to protocol to connect any concept with any other on the Internet in the form of triples, and, importantly, the tools to read and reason with large numbers of those triples, thus giving us the means to allow the buried ‘mycelium’ of concepts and their connections to mushroom into ‘ingestible’ knowledge.

Jan Velterop

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