Participation on the journey…

May 8, 2009

We need you. And your opinions. You could help the Concept Web Alliance enormously by giving us feedback on the questions below (even if not on all of them), and by passing these questions on to as many colleagues and contacts as possible. Please do. The address for feedback is

These are the questions:

Is the CWA useful to you/your organization?

Would you/your organization sign up to the declaration?

Would you/your organization become a member of CWA?

What needs to be in place for you/your organization to commit?

Would you/your organization help us develop the Alliance?

Would you/your organization participate in one of the CWA working groups*?

Where are the low hanging fruits?

Who should we partner with?

How would you/your organization like to participate further?

Would you/your organization sponsor an event?

*Working Groups:

1. Technical – identity, provenance, federation, discrimination, triple boundaries…
2. Services – distribution, directory, warehouse, citation tracking…
3. Content – capture, quality, packaging (walled gardens vs jungles), mixed licensing on triples, negotiation to content…
4. Operation practice – incentive models, micro-attribution, distribution, legal, claims arbitration, penalty models, policy, triple licenses…

Please cut and paste this post and send it in an email to your colleagues and contacts, or alternatively, forward them this url:

Thank you so much!

Jan Velterop

PS. Please look at the Declaration as well (separate tab)!