Progress report

Recap of CWA goals and ambitions:

  • CWA is to focus initially on the Life Sciences.
  • CWA will largely build on existing institutions as a not-for-profit organization with tax-exempt status in all regions. It will be organized in such a way as to allow for funding to be routed through the CWA to its partners and other contract research collaborators.
  • CWA aims at forming an ever-growing Scientific Alliance starting with the faculty already committed after the inaugural meeting.
  • A specific task group has been formed to discuss strategies to grow the Scientific Alliance and propose strategies for maintaining and growing scientific credibility.
  • CWA will mainly serve as a coordinating and administrative body to further the stated goals.
  • CWA will have a Steering Committee elected by participating Founding Members and an Executive Committee with a mandate from the steering committee to run daily operations.
  • CWA aims at having minimally one physical location in each continent, preferably, and where possible, associated with a leading university or organization that is also a Founding Member.
  • Founding and Associate member organizations (the latter are organizations joining CWA after its initial establishment) will be allowed to grant eligible faculty members a formal CWA affiliation in addition to their university or institution affiliations.
  • The Steering Committee may, at its discretion, also grant formal affiliation to individual scientists whose home institution is not a CWA member.
  • A dedicated set of working groups (and sub tasks groups) has been formed.

Road map and operational process

During its inaugural meeting CWA core group members decided to delegate preparation and execution of next steps to the Executive Committee under supervision of the Steering Committee. An inventory has been produced of all activities in need of attention and discussion. Based upon that inventory approximately 20 task groups have been formed, grouped in 3 major categories:

Category 1: organizational and operational
1.1    Governance
1.2    Policies
1.3    Organizational structure
1.4    Legal and licensing
1.5    Capacity building
1.6    Commercialization / valorization
1.7    Sustainability / public fundraising
Category 2: Scientific and Technical
2.1    Content capture
2.2    Tool development
2.3    Storage and maintenance
2.4    Unifies persistent ID
2.5    Quality control
2.6    Triple model / format
2.7    Attribution (micro- and nano-credits)
2.8    Content acquisition
2.9    Triple Browser/reasoning
2.10  Multilingual issues
Category 3: Strategy/Advocacy
3.1    Scientific credibility
3.2    WikiProfessional
3.3    Advocacy
3.4    Conference 2010

For each category and task group, time lines, deliverables and milestones have been proposed and the Executive Committee has been put in charge of managing the process with a final delivery date of December 31, 2009. Chairs of these groups (selected from initial signatories who have expressed an interest in actively participating) have been invited and they will be responsible for both timing and deliverables of their task group. The process will be that a number of task group (virtual) meetings are held, resulting in a proposal per task group, each of which will be “peer reviewed” by experts before it is delivered to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will summarize all proposals and present them to the Steering Committee for guidance, approval and execution. It is expected that the first of these task group meetings will be held imminently.

The working group commercialization and valorization is tasked with delivering a plan (due September 2009) on how to build up the ‘trusted party’ role of CWA towards the public as well as the private sector, while building the structure and partnerships to serve commercial users with realizable services based on the ‘triple store’ to contribute to the long term sustainability of CWA.

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