This blog, which is maintained under the aegis of the Concept Web Alliance, is devoted to the Concept Web – a dynamic, interactive fabric of concepts and their relationships. The Concept Web is constructed from, inter alia, research literature, Internet databases and other web sites together with off-line resources. The aim of creating the Concept Web is to remove both redundancy and ambiguity from available knowledge in order to help deal with information overload, to semantically ‘connect’ concepts, and so to maximize the potential for knowledge discovery.


The start up of the CWA is financially supported by NBIC, the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre.

Contact details

European HQ:|
260 NBIC
P.O. Box 9101
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands

tel  +31 24 36 19 500
fax +31 184 890 183
email info@conceptweballiance.org

Stanford University/NCBO
251 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-5479
United States of America


Stanford University/NCBO

251 Campus Drive

Stanford, CA 94305-5479


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